Refuse Collection and Recycling Fleet Operations


rcv casestudyEconoSpeed Connect is an ideal solution for Refuse Collection and Recycling Operators looking to not only reduce fuel consumption and cut CO2 emissions but also to improve vehicle safety and reduce accidental damage.

With recommended, built-in Reverse Speed Limiting, Refuse Collection and Recycling fleets benefit significantly by helping to reduce accidental damage to vehicles, infrastructure and personnel, ultimately saving your organisation money.



Benefits for RCV Fleets:

EconoSpeed Connect reduces fleet fuel consumptionSignificant Fuel Savings
EconoSpeed Connect is proven to give a significant reduction in fuel consumption.


EconoSpeed Connect reduces engine straine, cutting down on consumablesReduced Engine Wear and Maintenance
Lower driving stresses – cuts down on engine wear and tear, on service and consumables.


Reverse Speed LimitingReverse Speed Limiting
Improves vehicle safety, cuts potential for damage to vehicles, infrastructure and personnel.


EconoSpeed Connect cuts fleet CO2 emissionsReduced CO2 Emissions
Helps your business reduce its carbon footprint, supporting government targets and enhancing your environmental reputation.

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Cost savings on CO2, Fuel, Wear and Tear. User benefits on passenger comfort, ease of use and maintenance. Click on a link below to find out how our intelligent mapping and accelerator control system can benefit your sector.

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