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Multi-Drop LGV Fleet Operations

Multi-Drop LGV Fleet Fuel Saving System

At its most effective in variable driving conditions, EconoSpeed Connect is ideal for multi-drop LGV delivery operations with frequent stop/start journeys and variable loads. It delivers additional benefits to delivery fleets by reducing wear & tear to vehicles, helping you drive greater profitability for your business. As a fitted device, EconoSpeed Connect requires no driver training or interaction.



Benefits to Multi-Drop LGV Fleet Operators:

EconoSpeed Connect reduces fleet fuel consumptionReduced Fuel Consumption
Automatically moderates acceleration to optimum engine performance and fuel economy

EconoSpeed Connect cuts fleet CO2 emissionsLower CO2 Emissions
Cuts the carbon footprint of your operations

EconoSpeed requires no driver trainingNo Driver Training
EconoSpeed Connect works automatically so no driver training is needed

EconoSpeed Connect reduces engine straine, cutting down on consumablesReduced Vehicle Wear and Maintenance
Helps cut wear and tear of vehicle components and consumables

icon-remoteRemote Connectivity
Easy software updates with no vehicle downtime. Saves time by automatically generating reports for easy analysis and management

Econospeed Connect Benefits

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