TfL safety initiative. We’re ready, are you?

Now mandatory on all new buses operating within the TfL area.

As part of the campaign, Transport for London (TfL) has been championing technologies that can make our roads safer, with a major part of its strategy being a collaboration with Zeta Automotive.

ISA-buttonIn 2016 Tfl trialled a speed-limiting technology on 48 buses operating on two routes. The technology, called Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) and developed by Zeta at our Bicester site, works by pinpointing the location of a bus using GPS technology and limiting its maximum speed to the prevailing speed limit.

The findings of the trial are encouraging. Buses fitted with ISA remained within the speed limit 97-99% of the time. Speed limit breaches were almost certainly limited to downhill sections of the road. The outcome of the trial suggests that ISA can help safeguard against human error from drivers, thereby helping to save lives.

But transport policies that put safety first should not be limited only to the capital.  Arriva is already planning to work with authorities across its European operations to take ISA to an international market, but there is scope for other British metropolitan transport authorities to improve their safety record.

Why choose the Zeta ISA?

icon-tflTfL trialled and proven solution

icon-installUnobtrusive and quickly installed

icon-isaActively restricts speed to prevailing limit

gps-mappingGPS vehicle and mapping technology


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