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EconoSpeed Connect

The Fleet Fuel Saving System

EconoSpeed Connect is a fleet fuel saving system, using dynamic acceleration control to reduce fuel consumption and cut CO2 emissions.

By limiting acceleration to simulate that of a fully laden or part laden vehicle, EconoSpeed Connect removes the ability of the driver to waste fuel with excessive acceleration demand. With best performance delivered on frequent stop-start journeys and in variable driving conditions, EconoSpeed Connect is ideally suited to bus and coach fleets, multi-drop delivery vehicles and refuse collection and recycling operations, where it reduces fuel consumption by up to 10% on refuse vehicles and up to 5% on bus and coaches.

The more variable the driving conditions, the more EconoSpeed Connect will save!
EconoSpeed Connect performs best in variable driving conditions


How EconoSpeed Connect Works

EconoSpeed Connect is connected between the accelerator pedal and the Engine Control Unit (ECU). It constantly monitors acceleration demand from the driver with the throttle pedal as well as monitoring the engine and road speed of the vehicle via a Controller Area Network (CAN).

When acceleration is at an optimum level, EconoSpeed Connect allows output to the ECU, as much throttle as the driver requests. However, if EconoSpeed Connect detects that acceleration demand is (or is about to become) too high, it restricts acceleration to a pre-determined level. This level is based on the speed the vehicle is travelling at the time.

The hardware inside the EconoSpeed Connect is able to read and replicate all commonly used throttle pedals in use today. Mechanical relays provide a hardware fail-safe pass through should power fail, or valid signal lost. Speed inputs are read via the vehicle CAN bus, which is set as ‘listen only’, so as not to interfere with other systems on the vehicle. EconoSpeed Connect only restricts signals coming from the accelerator.

Fitting EconoSpeed Connect is a quick and simple process, taking under and hour and easily incorporated into the vehicle’s routine service schdedule, so as to minimise vehicle down time. Zeta Automotive have the capability to manage, plan and roll out large scale fleet installations in all regions of the UK and across Europe.

Discover EconoSpeed Connect in 90 Seconds – watch the video

EconoSpeed Connect Dynamic Acceleration Control
With a fast 6-12 months payback period, savings continue throughout the vehicle lifecycle, improving your business’s profits.

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